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International Thrillers

     Welcome to my life in books. This is a collection of six of my one-off entertainments, each containing details of my life abroad combined with a dash of mystery and excitement along with a serious national security threat.

     Whether it's living in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou along with SARS and the juggernaut of the Chinese economy, or life in Brussels with frequent trips to the Mediterranean, these six thrillers will give you a closeup view of the international crime and mysteries that continue to affect our daily lives.

China Gate kindle cover 38.jpg
Assassin kindle cover 30.jpg
The Trap front cover 39.jpg
The Maltese Cross 41.jpg
Tiger kindle cover 23.jpg
Jake Maguire FBI Mysteries

     Jake is my guy, living in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC. He inhabits all my haunts here in the States, eats the food I eat, encounters the people I meet on a daily basis, and tackles threats that affect us all.

     He also happens to travel along the same paths I've taken, solving cases in places where I've lived, from China to Mongolia to Switzerland to Hawaii.

Canton Connection front 6x9 121 bold.jpg
The Secret War 120 bold.jpg
Murder in Mongolia front cover 124 bold.jpg
Murder in the Pacific Ebook 1800x2700 139 bold.jpg
Mick and Natalie Spy Novels

     Mick Pierce is my original hero. He gets things done in a tricky world. He has lived alongside me as I lived three years in Yugoslavia, four in Taiwan, returned many times to Switzerland, and spent three glorious  years in India. He knows the political landscape well and has the guts to do what it takes to make things right.

     Never count Mick out, but don't assume it doesn't take its toll on him.

Double Cross tasse 20.jpg
Thunder antonia 30.jpg
Geneva 6x9 14.jpg
Fatal Sting antonio 28.jpg
Brad and May China Thrillers

     Meet Brad. He's my alter ego. Every time I go skiing in the American West or survey a dam in China or stroll through Parisian parks, he's alongside me screwing up in a good way, solving puzzles with a clever intellect, and wooing the woman of his dreams.

     My good friend Steve Donaldson helped me dream up this ode to American ingenuity and innocence. Like Brad, we are all susceptible to the unscrupulous but also capable of saving ourselves and the people we love.

Destiny of the Dragon cover 48.jpg
Mind Control front cover 73.jpg
The Shangri-la Code 90.jpg
Other Novels and Stories

     I've been writing since childhood. First with a pencil, where I scribbled Lost Cutlass in Homewood, Illinois, to a typewriter where I pounded out Summerville as my Honors thesis at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, to an IBM PC knockoff where I saved to floppy disk the first drafts of Alec Pierce's life in Comoros Moon on my family's first assignment abroad.

     In the end, my earliest literary efforts have been realized as my first imaginings mapped out the contours of my life. They still draw me back to the past.

Lost Cutlass
Summerville front cover 9.jpg
Comoros Moon front 4.jpg

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