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Thunder in Formosa: A Mick Pierce Spy Novel by Fritz Galt. Front book cover. Available in ebook and print formats.

Thunder in Formosa

A Mick Pierce Spy Thriller

Can an island nation survive

...a perfect storm?

Why readers love Thunder in Formosa

The subject of nuclear weapons was chillingly realistic.


Entertaining and an easy read.


Mick and Natalie are delightful characters.


I enjoyed the book as a light reading mystery fan.


I wish I was home in my hammock finishing this book.


I enjoyed reading about the places and the skimpy bathing suits.


I don’t like having to set it down!


The best one yet.

Enjoy this free excerpt from Thunder in Formosa


On the first jolt Mick reeled back on his heels.

     Every fraction of a second registered in detail in his mind.

     Timber cracked sharply overhead. Before he fell he had time to watch three wooden arches splinter midway between each column. He hit the unforgiving ceramic floor on his tailbone and instinctively rolled away from the building.

     People lay in the rain gasping but making no other sound. They peered at each other to confirm they were safe.

     After the initial shock the earth shook again. The increased trembling panicked the fallen worshipers. The iron incensory with its burning joss sticks walked about on four legs. Glass jars from the altar struck the ground and shattered. Cheese balls rolled down the temple steps.

     Pillars groaned as the ground shivered more intensely.

     Mick was thoroughly soaked. Around him railings decorated with stone lions toppled. The entire temple shimmied from side to side. Trees on the hillside thrashed like victims in the jaws of a shark. He scrambled on hands and knees away from falling debris.

     The deck rose and fell like someone shaking an enormous carpet. He stood on unsteady feet and absorbed the waves like a surfer with arms outstretched. Gusts of rain sprayed in his face.

     Terrified people pushed out of the priest’s office. Worshipers herded their families but stayed under the roof afraid to venture onto the terrace where objects rained from above.

     Ceramic serpents fell and pulverized on the deck. They’d protected the wooden structure from water and fire but couldn’t withstand the earth’s powerful spasms. Gold tiles clacked above then slid off the roof and slammed against the terrace.

     Mick saw people emerge from the building’s many levels and flock to the railings.

     He’d felt earthquakes before but this one was different.

Excerpt from Thunder in Formosa

Thunder in Formosa: A Mick Pierce Spy Novel by Fritz Galt. Front book cover. Available in ebook and print formats.

Fritz Galt brings to life a vibrant people and beautiful island under the constant threat of the elements and its precarious relationship with the mainland.


“Thrilling!” – Westfield Leader

Thunder in Formosa

Purchase now in ebook or print format.


#1 Thriller Author
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