Three highly entertaining paperback thrillers!

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Catch Brad West in Action!

Three high-stakes, action-packed thrillers in a series that will entertain and enthrall you. You're in for nerve-racking adventures with America's latest spy hero anthropologist Brad West.

Brad and colleagues must travel the globe to find clues that will uncover mysteries so big and so dangerous, they threaten the world.

From Tucson to Hong Kong, from Boston to Hawaii, and from Paris to Shangri-La, don't miss an exciting minute with these incredible and enjoyable reads!

The characters are lovable, the plot episodic, and the set-up satirically correct.

Taos Horse Fly


Unique, iconoclastic, funny, deftly crafted and compelling reads from first page to last.

Midwest Book Review

 Intriguing worlds with accessible, guy and girl next door characters.

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