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Fatal Sting: A Mick Pierce Spy Novel by Fritz Galt. Front book cover. Available in ebook and print formats.

Fatal Sting

A Mick Pierce Spy Thriller

America launches a special operation

...deep within India.

Why readers love Fatal Sting

Wow. What a read!


My wife just can’t put the book down...even refuses to go to work until she’s read it all!


Bioterrorism is one of the globe’s most terrifying possibilities. Galt has done it up right.


The accuracy and details about terrorism are really scary.


This has everything: suspense, exotic settings, human interest and humor.


Fell in love with the characters and cheered with them in the end.


Intelligent with a dry wit that pops up to surprise you when you least expect it.


Author Galt has lived in numerous foreign countries, and it shows. As the fast-paced action takes us around the world, from the Maldive Islands to India and more, the settings are depicted in an authentic and fascinating manner.


An exciting read I couldn’t put down. So who needs eight hours sleep?

A very timely plot in an age when the tiniest weapons may be the most deadly.

Enjoy this free excerpt from Fatal Sting


Former CIA operative Mick Pierce was shadow boxing under a palm tree in the Maldives when an excited shout carried up from the lagoon.

     An islander had made a discovery.

     Within seconds, the pristine beach was filled with brown fishermen descending from their grass huts. Their feet carried them swiftly under full-length calico sarongs. Square-shouldered with lean bellies, they flashed beautiful smiles as they ran to the water’s edge.

     There they stopped abruptly and held their noses. Their smiles disappeared.

     Mick watched them wade into the milky white froth, some jabbing downward with pointed sticks. In their native language, they warned one another of each new wave.

     A bloated corpse tumbled, limbs akimbo, and came to rest on the sand.

     Mick squinted for a better look.

     A woman’s body glistened under a torrid sun. Her deep brown skin had stretched tight over her frame. After several days adrift in salt water, her hair had thinned leaving a pitted, burnt scalp. Her eyes had been pecked clean by scavenger birds.

     Beyond the lagoon brilliant sunlight played on the Indian Ocean. Women in brightly colored wraps stood up and held their hands over their faces.

     More shouts, and two more bodies washed ashore.

     Mick broke into a run.

Excerpt from Fatal Sting

Fatal Sting: A Mick Pierce Spy Novel by Fritz Galt. Front book cover. Available in ebook and print formats.

In this thought-provoking and terrifying story woven from the author's life in India, Mick Pierce must fight terrorists in island nations and across India to stop a ticking biological time bomb.


“A spy thriller for the thinking man (or woman).” – Barnes and Noble review

Fatal Sting

Purchase now in ebook or print format.


#1 Thriller Author
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