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A Coming of Age Novel

A young man is determined that love

...will unlock his dreams and set him free.

Why readers love Summerville

A coming of age novel about life, leaving behind and new beginnings.


I could hardly put the book down.


If you want only love, you go to Nora Roberts or Danielle Steel. This story has meat.


Evocative and engaging prose hits home on many levels.


A wry and pereceptive tour-de-force.


Enjoy this free excerpt from Summerville

Chapter One




     Justin Archer could always shut off his alarm and go back to sleep, but it wouldn’t stop the cruel onrush of time.

     Or could it?

     He reached out of bed, grabbed his clock radio, and ripped the cord out of the wall. The strident buzzing stopped, immediately plunging the room into silence, only to reveal further auditory dimensions to the dawn.

     The sounds impinged on his consciousness like multiple stab wounds. An early commuter gunned down the otherwise empty urban street. A summer storm poured down upon the gently sloping roof of his family’s home. And his parents’ bed thumped rhythmically against the wall.

     He would have preferred the alarm.

Excerpt from Summerville

Summerville front 100.jpg

This coming-of-age novel captures a formative summer in the life of Justin Archer, a brilliant teenager who must cast off the trauma of his parents’ ill-fated marriage, navigate the perilous shoals of first love, and venture out to seek his place in the world. A fascinating tale of personal triumph.

"Galt is a rising star in the new generation of writers." (University of Illinois honors committee)


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#1 Thriller Author
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