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Double Cross: A Mick Pierce Spy Novel by Fritz Galt. Front book cover. Available in ebook and print formats.

Double Cross

A Mick Pierce Spy Thriller

The CIA must track down and kill of its own.

Why readers love Double Cross

This book has everything you need - tension, action, strong characters, emotion - and it was really fab.


The story zips by. I nearly missed my bus stop once.


Really thrilling. Kept me on the end of my seat right to the end.


An entertaining read that also provides insight into the convoluted cultural and historical struggles of the Balkan region.

Fritz Galt has lived in the Balkans, and it shows!

Although the book is a page turner, it was well organized so I was not lost in the details.


What this reader enjoys most about Galt’s books is his detailed and knowledgeable portrayal of their settings, from the history and landscape to the local cultural and even culinary habits.


I learned a lot about Yugoslavia in the process of following the storyline. What a sad country it was and now all broken up into factions that hate each other.


A remarkable achievement. Great control over the language, a clear story, and fully dimensional characters.


Easy-to-picture scenes.


I have become a big fan of Mick Pierce and enjoy his wife Natalie.


I’ve read loads of thrillers but they are usually so cliched and hackneyed with the usual plotlines and characters. unlike this one.

I would recommend this to anyone looking to getting into the thriller section.

Enjoy this free excerpt from Double Cross


Mick donned work gloves and surveyed the overgrown garden.

     The previous evening at the Moskva, Bernie had given him the morning off from work. Mick needed time to recover from jetlag before they executed a sanction-busting operation planned for that evening.

     In the bosom of the Serbian heartland, he and Natalie had returned to a calmer world, a world lost in the eddies of time. The most noticeable difference after the Bosnian War was that ethnic cleansing had backfired on the Serbs and brought Serbian refugees to their doorstep in droves. In fact, a number of them were watching him through a chain-link fence.

     He looked over the leafy but dry countryside. Scattered settlements of houses capped the rolling hills. Not much had changed since he'd left. Despite the sanctions, and much to the consternation of the rest of the world, life went on in Yugoslavia. People still worked, cars still puttered by on the road below his house, building construction was still underway, and grandfathers still strolled with young children.

     Mick settled into his gardening. Within half an hour he'd cleared the original vegetable garden, about the size of two gravesites.

     Perhaps that was what his audience of refugees thought he was digging.   

Excerpt from Double Cross

Double Cross: A Mick Pierce Spy Novel by Fritz Galt. Front book cover. Available in ebook and print formats.

From Yugoslavia to Hungary to Bulgaria to the Greek Islands, Mick Pierce is on the case. The opening salvo to an explosive series in which Mick Pierce puts his life, and his love, on the line.


“Highly recommended!” – Tales from a Small Planet

Double Cross

Purchase now in ebook or print format.


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