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The Maltese Cross: An International Mystery by Fritz Galt. Front book cover. Available in ebook and print formats.

The Maltese Cross

An International Mystery

A dictator hides his nations wealth

...and people will kill to find it.

Why readers love The Maltese Cross

A pulse-racing and high-stakes thriller.


Enjoyable summer read.

The portrayals of The Hague, Brussels, Luxembourg, Salzburg and Malta are accurate and truly evocative.

Such a clever story, so fascinating.


I couldn’t stop turning the pages.


A feel-good story.


Rich passages loaded with sensory imagery. You’re left in wonder and hoping for (and getting) more. 


Interesting and complex, yet very readable.


You know Galt has been on the ground where the novels are set and allows you to see the world through his observations and time in country.


Galt’s books fit into the old tradition of 99-cents spy thrillers, a tradition that gave us heroes like Philip Marlowe in the past.

 Straightforward storytelling, well written, at high speed, with lots of moving from place to place.

This one stands out among other books in its category.

A strong pick for community library general fiction and thriller collections.


Intense and engaging.


The characters were interesting, the pace of events was great, and I enjoyed the rich detail regarding the settings. Quite well written.


Full of intrigue, twists and surprises.

This is my kind of story. This is it!


Enjoy this free excerpt from The Maltese Cross

Chapter 1



Johnny Blade’s philosophy of banking had been simple, until he met the real world.

     His banking job had taught him how to meet and cultivate clients who had money to invest. Who the clients were and how they got their fortune was of no concern to him.

     Johnny’s job as he saw it, with over a year of banking experience under his belt, was to offer his best financial advice to his customers, and that was all. It kept the great wheels of the economy turning at maximum efficiency. The less meddling with the system, the more prosperity for all.

     It was a tidy little philosophy and he adored it.

     He looked at his reflection in his company’s brass nameplate in the elevator lobby and straightened his coat collar and tie. He was a handsome 25-year-old with nicely groomed brown hair and a whiff of sophistication lent him by a respected East Coast family steeped in old money. A year at the headquarters of American International Bank had given him the final polish, the firm handshake, the steely gaze.

     He pushed the up button and the elevator opened at once.

     He took a deep breath and stepped in.

Excerpt from The Maltese Cross

The Maltese Cross: An International Mystery by Fritz Galt. Front book cover. Available in ebook and print formats.

This feel-good mystery sweeps the reader through Europe’s banking centers and back streets to the windswept island of Malta.


“Authentic and timely.” – The Brussels Weekly

The Maltese Cross

Purchase now in ebook or print format.


#1 Thriller Author
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