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Murder in Mongolia: A Jake Maguire FBI Mystery by Fritz Galt. Front book cover. Available in ebook and print formats.

Murder in Mongolia

A Jake Maguire FBI Mystery

The future of the environment

...plays out on a remote stage.

Why readers love Murder in Mongolia


Fun read. I thoroughly enjoyed Murder in Mongolia.


Fast-moving story with many surprising and fun twists.


Illustrates many interesting aspects of modern Mongolian culture as well as the daily life of expatriates in Ulaanbaatar.


You will find yourself reading well into the night.


I read the book - twice - I know! Why? It was so exciting and interesting to read.


Jake is pretty cool.


Galt’s perspective from living in so many countries makes his books fascinating. 


Exciting and full of engaging detail.



This thing grabs you fast and drags you into a great mystery.


Enjoy this free excerpt from The Murder in Mongolia

Chapter 1



Man is a part of nature, and his war against nature is inevitably a war against himself.


— Rachel Carson

“The Silent Spring of Rachel Carson”

CBS Reports

April 3, 1963



There was nowhere to hide on the exposed hillside. He needed to reach and take refuge in a copse of trees that crowned the mountain.

     Breathing hard as he struggled up the steep slope in the high altitude of Mongolia, he was determined to outrun his pursuers.

     An experienced outdoorsman, he nevertheless felt bewildered by the mixture of nature and the manmade ruins around him. The yellow granite boulders strewn across the mountainside had been collected and sculpted into two dozen temples that now remained only as a liminal doorway here and foundation there.

     He could look back, but didn’t dare. They could be anywhere now. They could have him in their crosshairs.

     Instead, he concentrated on where to place each step, careful not to create a rockslide that would give him away.



That frigid morning on a sunny mountainside in a land far removed from the frenetic world and its teeming cities, there was an explosion.

     It was not a nuclear detonation, but it had enormous force. The smell of high explosives and blasted granite shot into the neighboring steppe. One could smell it in a nearby national park where rangers were trying to introduce horses back into the wild. One could hear it as far away as the coal-fired power plants where engineers produced electricity and steam for the national capital. Herders gathering their horses with lassos on long poles paused to take note of it.

     It was a singular event that told of the destruction of land and obliteration of life. And it had no place in that world. It must have come from a different world that intruded on the delicate balance of man and nature.

     And in all the people and animals who witnessed it, the unexpected blast awakened a terrifying fear of the unknown.

Excerpt from Murder in Mongolia

Murder in Mongolia: A Jake Maguire FBI Mystery by Fritz Galt. Front book cover. Available in ebook and print formats.

In this powerful and gripping read, the mystery takes the reader on a world spanning journey where Asian powerhouses, environmentalists and the high tech industry face off against each other.


“A tour de force of international intrigue.” (Tales from a Small Planet Newsletter)

Murder in Mongolia

Purchase now in ebook or print format.


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