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Mind Control: A Brad West Spy Thriller by Fritz Galt. Read reviews, analysis, and a free excerpt. Available in ebook and print formats.

Mind Control

A Brad West Spy Thriller

America stumbles into an election

...brainwashed by China.

Why readers love Mind Control

A blockbuster novel.


An epic adventure.


Talk about action packed!


Breaking up means being left for dead with a murderous psychopath.


Five stars! Brad’s ex-girlfriend's father, an expert on mind control, is meddling with the latest Presidential race and Brad must overcome countless obstacles to get back to America to stop him before it's all too late.


Every atmospheric and geographical detail is authentic.


The writing is superb. Keeps my interest and flows!


The novel sparkles with wit and grim reality.


I really enjoy the characters and felt I got to know them.


Highly recommended for community library collections with an interest in thrillers.


Enjoy this free excerpt from Mind Control


Chapter 1



A squad of Chinese People’s Liberation Army soldiers snapped to attention, although they faced no commander.

     On unspoken orders, they executed an about right face and marched through the abandoned Beijing warehouse. At the far end, they halted and turned to their left.

     As a group, the PLA soldiers leveled their rifles and took careful aim at a photograph of Nelson Burrows, the President of the United States.

     All triggers clicked in unison. The resulting blast seemed to tear the air. The bullets struck the exact center of the president’s forehead and formed a single hole.

     Dressed in a smart business suit, a handsome Liang Jiaxi, grandson of China’s President Qian, stood back and gasped with astonishment.

     The unit performed another about face and marched toward him. Liang faced a phalanx of military machines, not individuals. And he couldn't read their intentions.

     Liang staggered backward and nearly fell off the podium. He shot a look over his shoulder at Dr. Yu Zhaoguo, a small scientist with a thin beard. The old man sat cross-legged, transmitting telepathic instructions to the troops.

     The footsteps came to an abrupt halt. The soldiers saluted with the white palms of their gloves turned outward. The scientist had put Liang back in command of the troops.

     Liang squared his shoulders and returned the salute. “At ease.” His voice trailed off in the frosty air.

     That had no effect on the soldiers.

     He turned to Dr. Yu. “I told them, ‘At ease.’”

     Yu hunched his shoulders and complied. A moment later the soldiers stood at ease.

     “Thanks, Old Yu.” Liang surveyed the men before him. “This is incredible. I wonder what would happen if bin Laden got hold of this.”

     “He probably has.”

     Liang raised an eyebrow. “Interesting.”

     It felt like he had just been handed a fat red envelope on Chinese New Year.

     “Do you realize what we have at our disposal? You have turned them into robots. You push a button and they comply.”

     Yu hefted a handful of bullets over which he had been meditating. “The puppet master can control every gesture of his puppets.”

     Liang looked out the door. Beijing’s winter haze seemed to take on a new luster. “Do you know how many concubines I could have?”

     “I suppose that’s what really matters to you. My interest lies in the science. If you give me the freedom I need, I can get to the heart of nature, avert natural disasters, solve global warming.”

     Liang had no time for scholarly research. He had grown up believing in the power of man to engineer a more perfect world. “I don’t need to get to the heart of nature. All I need is to inject a few humans with this drug and microchip and install myself in power.”

     “But you don’t need drugs. And you don’t need to inject your pain devices in their brains.”

     “We have no time for other methods, nor can we accept ambiguous results.” Liang had a president to install. Two actually.

     One in China and the other in America.     

Excerpt from Mind Control

Mind Control: A Brad West Spy Thriller by Fritz Galt. Read reviews, analysis, and a free excerpt. Available in ebook and print formats.

An action-comedy thriller that crisscrosses America from computer labs to Las Vegas casinos and the underground Pentagon to Hawaiian volcanoes. Grad student Brad West must put together the clues to save an election, but has his love joined the dark side?

“Highly Recommended!” - Midwest Book Review

Mind Control

Purchase now in ebook or print format.


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