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The Accidental Assassin: An International Thriller by Fritz Galt. Front book cover. Available in ebook and print formats.

The Accidental Assassin

An International Thriller

Political figures are being assassinated

...across the Middle East.

Why readers love The Accidental Assassin

A contemporary look at Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Israel including their history, cultures and religions all within an entertaining spy story.


Galt draws on his extensive knowledge of life abroad and world affairs to spin a pulse-racing thriller.


Powerful characters step right off the page.


Interplay between the characters is playful and intriguing.


Vividly portrayed locations across the Middle East.


Throws the reader into the setting. I am there!


Keeps you on your toes. You do not want to put it down until you know the end.


Quality research, like a documentary in a work of fiction.


Helps readers understand the context behind the current uprisings in the Middle East.


If you have any association with Israel, you can get something out of this book. You’ll see many points of view about the Middle East crisis.


Intelligent, realistic, engrossing.


A real page-turner.


Enjoy this free excerpt from The Accidental Assassin

Chapter 1



Dean Wells stepped out of his hotel in Aleppo, shaded his eyes and looked up and down the street. The two-lane thoroughfare was choked with pedestrians, motorbikes and cars competing for space with food stalls and stopped delivery trucks.

     It was Sunday. And in Syria, that meant a workday.

     “A taxicab, Mr. Dean?” the hotel doorman asked. “Perhaps to your food club?”

     Dean smiled and shook his head. “La mamnuun.” No thanks.

     He had work to do. U.S. government work.

     He took a deep breath and waded into the busy sidewalk. Women hidden in burqas picked through local produce. Children squealed and ran freely. He ducked under an awning and slid between hunks of mutton and camel meat that were covered with buzzing flies.

     At the top of the hill, he stopped and looked beyond the bustle of Aleppo, the cultural and culinary capital of northern Syria. Nut and fruit orchards stretched as far as the eye could see. If only the rest of the Middle East were as peaceful and prosperous.

     He was already sweating through his business suit. How could women survive in those all-concealing black robes? Not so long ago, women in Syria wore open-faced white headscarves. It was unnerving how a wave of fundamentalism had swept over the Middle East.

     A car swerved around a stopped van, jumped the curb and came straight at him.

     He found the bookshop he wanted and stepped through the doorway just as the car wedged with a metallic shriek between the building and a juice stand.

     Oranges and pomegranates rolled across the street and steam rose from the car’s engine. Despite the loss of property, no one seemed hurt.

     It was cool inside the shop. The neatly aligned books were written in Arabic. He translated a few titles in his mind. They were sacred Koranic texts.

     The small shop was empty except for a chubby man standing at a counter stacking Syrian pounds. The denominations were large.  The value was not.

     Dean approached him directly. Was this his contact?

     He studied the white hair, the broad features, the heavy gold ring. Palestinians lived all over the Middle East, from Syria to the Gulf States.

     Was this the Palestinian middleman for the militant he wanted to meet?

Excerpt from The Accidental Assassin

The Accidental Assassin: An International Thriller by Fritz Galt. Front book cover. Available in ebook and print formats.

Tightly plotted inside look at the CIA and a high stakes chase from Syria to Egypt, and from Jordan to Israel. You’ll feel the hot desert wind blowing down your neck in this “absolutely fascinating” Fritz Galt spy thriller ripped from today’s headlines.


“Fritz Galts's most solid writing yet.” – author Steve Donaldson

The Accidental Assassin

Purchase now in ebook or print format.


#1 Thriller Author
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