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Geneva Seduction: A Mick Pierce Spy Novel by Fritz Galt. Front book cover. Available in ebook and print formats.

Geneva Seduction

A Mick Pierce Spy Thriller

An assassin seduces his way the President of the United States.


Why readers love Geneva Seduction

Geneva Seduction is a great story written in one of the greatest styles for fiction what I call “Cold War Drama.” The times were fearful and it produced a group of writers who built on that fear to create suspenseful fiction that has stood the test of time. This is that type of book.


Intriguing characters, plot and setting.


I like Mick Pierce as the hero.


Natalie is complex and human.


This book makes me want to visit Morocco!


I did most of my reading in the train to and from work. The only complaint I had was my station always came up during the exciting parts.

Galt has mastered the thriller pacing - throwing short, rapid-fire sections at us that set up a series of mysteries.


Hard to put down as something was always happening.


Galt would write fantastic screenplays, and I hope these books get made into movies!


A great thriller.


I’ll definitely be getting another Fritz Galt novel, probably another one in the Mick Pierce series.

Enjoy this free excerpt from Geneva Seduction


He yanked his sweater off and draped it over a nearby chair. The folded transcript of the man’s last words crinkled in his pocket. He pulled it out and was turning toward the lamp to read it when he heard Natalie approach.

     “I think that can wait,” she said.

     Fair enough. That could wait. He opened the drawer of the bedside table and tossed the transcript inside along with the bag of his brother’s personal effects.

     He slammed the drawer shut and straightened up.

     “Don’t bother.”

     Natalie’s voice was husky in a way he hadn’t heard for years.

     She leaned into him and he sat back on the bed. She continued forward until his shoulders were pressed against the lumpy mattress. Her taut torso stretched out over him. Of its own accord the robe fell open and the collar brushed against his face.

     In the half light he glimpsed her eager eyes and naked breasts.

     “I’m sorry I’m no help in these matters,” she said.

     “It isn’t your fault.”

     “Actually I’ve been a pain in the ass.”

     “Don’t worry.” She was made that way.

     She seemed to read his thoughts and emitted a laugh. “Let me make it up to you.”

     He smiled. “If you insist.”

     Fragrant waves of damp hair tickled his face as she got to work. One by one his shirt buttons popped open under expert fingers.

     He felt pressure building within him. It hurt yet gave pleasure. The evening had taken another radical turn.

     Her warm lips dragged over the tensed muscles of his chest. He closed his eyes and tried to relax.

     Like fingertips rapping against their window rain sprayed in sheets upon the panes of glass.

     There was nothing between him and his wife but a thin layer of cold air. Then the heat of her body pressed against him.

     He reached up and guided her determined assault.

Excerpt from Geneva Seduction

Geneva Seduction: A Mick Pierce Spy Novel by Fritz Galt. Front book cover. Available in ebook and print formats.

Hold on tight as Mick Pierce springs into action from Swiss mountaintops to Moroccan markets to the charged atmosphere of laboratories around the world.

“Galt's plots are almost too close to the truth!” – Reader Review

Geneva Seduction

Purchase now in ebook or print format.


#1 Thriller Author
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